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Green HolidaysWe hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

Now that the major part of the festivities is over, the chances are there is a lot of waste lying around, waiting to be disposed of. In light of this, Living Smart presents the useful links for being Waste Smart.

Living Smart was fortunate enough to receive a Zerowaste Grant in 2012. The grant allowed us to revise the Waste Section of our Action Guide (now known as a Participants Guide), find local and regional case studies, conduct a Waste Audit  and provide course resources for our facilitators.

Below are some very helpful links that have come from the Waste grant.
If you are looking to find your local waste facility, take a look here.

As part of the Zerowaste grant, Living Smart and City of Fremantle partnered to conduct a waste audit. Our own Living Smart member Emma Jack coordinated the event and it was an amazing insight to peoples waste. Here is a short video…..its well worth watching.

cooking green reducing your carbon footprint in the kitchenHeyhoe, K (2009), Cooking Green: Reducing your carbon footprint in the kitchen, First Da Capo Press Edition
Choosing local, organic foods benefits your health and the planet’s. But how you cook is as important as what you cook: cooking itself is an under-reported yet substantial greenhouse gas creator. Now, Kate Heyhoe shows you how to think like an environmentalist in the kitchen.
Recycling and managing wasteHealey, EJ (2010) Recycling and Managing Waste: Issues in Society, The Spinney Press
This book reveals the extent of our growing waste problem and examines the waste and recycling practices of households, and includes many tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle. Topics include green waste, plastics, glass, paper, metal and electronic waste (e-waste).

Love Food Hate WateLove Food Hate Waste
The Love Food Hate Waste program supports households and businesses across NSW to save time and money (but that doesn’t mean we can’t use the tips elsewhere) and reduce their impact on the environment by providing easy and practical solutions to avoid wasting food. Wasting food also impacts on our food sustainability and food security.

Western EarthcarersWestern Earthcarers
Earth Carers think resources, not waste! We provide free education and support for the community to rethink their waste and to reuse and recycle more things more often.

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