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Living Simply is one of the main topics of the Living Smart courses. These resources will help you find ways you can bring simplicity into your life.

Books: The Thrifty Kitchen

Suzanne & Kate Gibbs, The Thrifty Kitchen, Penguin Australia
The Thrifty Kitchen is your guide to cooking and shopping on a budget without compromising on flavour or goodness, brought to you by one of Australia’s most respected food families. Join food editor and writer Suzanne Gibbs and her daughter Kate Gibbs as they share their secrets for creating over 170 delicious dishes, as well as provide numerous tips for saving time and money and reducing waste.


Ghazi, P & Jones J (2004) Downshifting, Hodder Mobius, United Kingdom
This is a new edition of this bestselling guide to creating a simpler and more balanced life.



Consumption Rebellion
Consumption Rebellion is a web-based magazine that looks to teach the potential exploitation arising as a result our consumption habits.

Down To Earth Forums
A forum to discuss all kinds of sustainability and simple living issues, the Down to Earth Forums are a welcoming and supportive community of like-minded individuals with a wealth of knowledge.

This is a great blog, following the trials and tribulations of one family’s attempts to live sustainably in the suburbs.

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