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While Australia swelters away in record temperatures this summer, the topic of climate change is also heating up. There are ways you can minimise your impact on the changes in the climate of the world, and we share some resources for you today.


Department of the EnvironmentClimate Change – Australian government

Some of the information of this site may be outdated, but there is still a wealth of tips and tricks to get you started on reducing your impact on climate change. The department also seeks to keep people informed about changes to ruling made regarding the environment, so this is a good link to bookmark for future reference.

DECThe DEC: Climate Change

The State Government established the Office of Climate Change in May 2007 to coordinate a whole of government response to the twin challenges of climate change adaptation and mitigation. Now re-named, the Climate Change Unit is located within the Department of Environment and Conservation and is responsible for the whole of State Government coordination of policy and strategy regarding the economic, environmental and social impacts of climate change.


Know of any other resources you would like to share with other members? Let us know in the comments below.

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