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Biodiversity is all about ensuring longevity of flora and fauna species through a range of available genetic specimens. These resources will teach you more about ensuring biodiversity in your pocket of the world.


Going NativeArcher, M & Beale, B (2004) Going Native Living in the Australian Environment, Hodder Headline, Sydney
Going Native is a controversial and practical book about Australian conservation strategies and how our land use is seriously damaging and unsustainable for the Australian soil.
Going Native covers what can be done to keep what is left of the natural Australian environment and how we can change our behaviour to ensure a more sustainable lifestyle. We have to think of ourselves as part of this country and learn how to act accordingly.

SERCULSouth East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare
SERCUL comprises a committee made up of community members, local governments and state agencies; staff that work under regional programs and the Landcare Centre (known as Yule Brook Homestead). They undertake regular revegetation and nature restoration projects, as well as education programs and other volunteer events.

Inspiration GreenInspiration Green
Inspiration Green was started as a resource site to guide those to knowledge about environmental choices. Months were spent taking photos, cropping images and laying out the design, many more months went by as environmental resource information was aggregated and added to the site. After the resource footing was built, the blogs and video clip categories were added. Today, they scour the web and streets of New York to bring the most inspiring green news, media, environmental art and sustainable building out there.


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