The importance of ‘wasted’ time

Olivia Goodhill in Quartz writes that Michael Guttridge, a psychologist who focuses on workplace behaviour, says “There’s an idea we must always be available, work all the time. It’s hard to break out of that and go to the park.” But the downsides are obvious: We end up zoning out while at the computer—looking for distraction on social media, telling ourselves we’re “multitasking” (a brain drainer in itself) while really spending far longer than necessary on the most basic tasks.

Plus, says Guttridge, we’re missing out on the mental and physical benefits of time spent focused on ourselves.  “People eat at the desk and get food on the computer—it’s disgusting. They should go for a walk, to the coffee shop, just get away,” he says. “Even Victorian factories had some kind of rest breaks.” Read more at

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