Facilitate A Course

If you would like to facilitate a course, you will need to complete the Facilitator Training Course. This is usually a three day course over a weekend. Please contact us to register your interest in the next Facilitator training.

Once you have completed the training course, you are on your way to facilitating courses! The next step typically is linking you up with a more experienced facilitator to take on a support and./or guest speaker role with mentorship. New facilitators will then usually partner up to co-facilitate their first course, to provide support and spread the workload.

You can organise your own course, either by finding a willing host organisation or running a course independently in your neighbourhood. Alternatively, you can apply to facilitate one of the courses organised by Living Smart. These are usually requests for quotes from local councils and are publicised through the Facilitator newsletter. You will automatically receive this newsletter once you have completed the Facilitator Training Course.

Once you are signed on to facilitate a course, you will need to submit the following documents to Living Smart:

Application-Form-deliver-Living-Smart-Course (Feb 2018) (gives details of host and agree to Living Smart delivery terms and conditions)

Living Smart Facilitator Policy Licensing Agreement (22-Dec-2016) (agreeing to our minimum standards and professional development)

A Facilitators’ Network meets each term to provide support, share ideas and undertake further training. This is a great resource for new and experienced facilitators alike. You can even attend before you’ve even facilitated a course, to help build confidence and learn about useful resources.