Backyard veg gardening and bee-keeping

Nadia has been looking for resources that can help herĀ build an organic garden in my backyard. It’s still a hobby at this point but she hopes to eventually be able to produce organic, home-made products that she can sell. Here’s some websites she found and wants to share:


1.) Tips for Growing an Organic Vegetable Garden

2.) Guide to Bee Keeping – storing and selling honey

Useful Links – Thinking Smart

Today we are starting our series of Useful Links posts. Beginning with “Thinking Smart,” we have two books and two website that should get your gears turning over.


"Getting Things Done" by David AllenAllen, David (2001) Getting Things Done, Penguin

This book is all about stress-free productivity. It has been a best-seller across the world, and gives an overview of the principles of of stress-free productivity, practical advice and coaching on working through the process of changing your ideas and practices regarding productivity in the digital age. David Allen has written a number of books about maintain a true work-life balance.




"Change Your Thinking" by Sarah EdelmanEdelman, Sarah (2006) Change Your Thinking, ABC Books

This is another best-seller, this time about managing your emotions by learning to think in a balanced and healthy way. Providing practical strategies for overcoming negative thought patterns and teaching you ho to take control of your emotions, this edition also provides a chapter on mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Sarah Edelman has written many books about depression and stress management and trains psychologists on how to help others with issues in these areas.



Goal Setting

This is a great link for those of us struggling with realistic goal setting. Goal setting is an important part of our Living Smart courses, as it helps provide markers for the improvements we want to make in our lives, environment and communities. This website provides a 20 minute walk through tutorial on setting goals and provides invaluable resources for working on achieving your goals.

Learning Fundamentals

This website is great if you feel a little stuck in your learning, or want to make changes in how you achieve some of your learning goals. It has some wonderful information on using mind maps to break down difficult concepts, and has a wealth of resources for everyone undergoing any form of learning. It also has a brilliant blog that contains practical advice on elements of study that can be challenging. This is a truly amazing resource for anyone participating in our Living Smart courses.