Ditte’s story on reducing landfill waste at home

Ditte shared with us a journey to reduce waste: I’ve been working in the environmental field for many years and yes, it feels good to transform a section of a drain line into a living stream but what does it really help if we still clog up our waterways and oceans with plastic and use household toxins that pollute our water and land? I felt more had to be done and I think what we do on a micro scale (like reducing your waste and household toxins) is crucial for the health of our planet. Imagine the impact it would have if everybody on your street or town or country only produced one rubbish bag a week or even less. This is why my family and I are trying to reduce our waste and now our family of three only sends one small rubbish bag of waste to landfill a week. Here I share some of the steps we took to reduce our waste.

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