Living Smart is a not-for-profit organisation, which aims to share knowledge with individuals and communities on how to live smarter, healthier and in more sustainable ways. Covering ten main sustainability topics over 6-8 weeks, our course facilitators are well trained to present locally relevant information with assistance from locals who know the area. Each session includes lots of group discussions and the sharing of participant knowledge. This is a great way to learn the practical changes you can make in your own homes.

The program is not about people having to make unwanted sacrifices. It’s about patience and the ability to look to the future. We promote a connected approach to living, making lasting changes and finding real solutions for a better quality life now and into the future.

Some examples of the things people have been doing include simplifying their life, setting up permaculture gardens, worm farms and compost heaps, being more aware of what they buy and how they dispose of it, reducing their energy consumption (by up to 25%), reducing their water consumption (by up to 50%), catching public transport, walking and cycling, exercising more, eating better; and making their homes chemical free.

Living Smart membership is only $40 per year. Participants pay this fee when they enrol in a course as well as a course fee.  Click here for more details.

Living Smart is run by a Board of very passionate members. The Board have had a very busy year planning for the future and developed a Living Smart Strategic Plan (full version) and Living Smart Strategic Plan(A4 version). If you would like any further information regarding the Board or Living Smart please call the Coordinator on 0466 723 688, or by email.

In 2018 we are developing a privacy policy that clarifies members and contacts database use exclusively within Living Smart.